The improvement of a Manchester public footpath

What is my strategy ?

The first and foremost thing in my mind is to disturb the ecology of the area as little as possible. The plan if it exists is not to make it look like Kew or one of those manicured gardens one sees in country houses. I am not seeking perfection just improvements here and there.

These improvements include mainly planting flowers that enhance the area that are wildlife friendly. Not to plant anything that will grow to an unwieldy size causing damage to other people's property or become so unwieldy as to become unmanageable.

Not to claim the area for myself and recognise that it is a public footpath that belongs to the whole community even though no one seems to take responsibility for it in particular.

Not to become a local little Hitler telling people what they must or must not do with the area as the area does not belong to me, but just to ask politely if the need arises and if they say no respect their wishes.

Not to interfere with other people's property rights.

If people ask what you are doing, just tell them, there is no need for secrecy here.

Clearing the area of litter and rubbish that is a perennial problem that never goes away. The amount of rubbish we as a nation just dump on the streets is truly amazing.

Report fly tipping which is a major problem. Whole lorry loads of builders and gardening waste have been dumped down this lane, yes some people do it and have no conscience about it at all.

Contact the local council about any problems that they can help with and so far they have been very helpful.