Fly tipping down the lane

One of the biggest problems in the environment today is the amount of rubbish and waste we throw away. Luckily the vast majority of people are responsible and dispose of it properly by using a bin and have it taken away by the local authority or a waste disposal company. Obliviously some people are just not so responsible.

I don't want to give the impressions that it happens every day or so but every few weeks it does. Here are some photos of the fly tipping that occurs down the lane and some of it is horrendous.

Bags stuffed into the trees in the vain hope that no one would notice.

Here the fly tippers where very considerate and put their waste in plastic bags just to be thrown in the undergrowth.

Another example of orderly fly tipping lots of furniture neatly stacked up against the fence so as not too cause an obstruction, how nice of them.

and finally the worst possible instance of dumping rubbish. This appears to have been done with the aid of a big tipper truck and just dumped indiscriminately without any care for the safety of others or its environmental damage